Looking for new PC - Need Advice!

I’m looking for a relatively cheap PC that can run 1-2 accounts on the highest settings with no problem. I did a little research on the important components of gaming PCs, but I’m basically computer illiterate. Below is a link to a PC that I’m considering - please let me know if it’s sufficient or missing any important.

For perspective, I’ve been playing with a MacBook Pro. It works but leaves too much to be desired. If it’s relevant, I also do a lot of audio and video editing.

Thanks fellers!

It looks to me that CPU and that GPU are bad mach both are designed as entry lvl low end gaming i wouldn’t purchase 550 at all save some money and purchase adequate GPU when money piles up.after that 2nd memory stick is a must.

To explain a bit further your CPU already have graphic solution integrated to it self that is not that much worse than 550 as seen in this vid you are ending buying two low end components and locking your self out.

what i would do in your place is go for this CPU and when money allows purchase dedicated GPU and another mem stick to get some serious performance.

What i cant tell you is how well two clients will behave and on what settings i “think” you can do one on “some” high settings two doubt it hopefully someone rocking those chips pops in to share info.

That’ll be able to support eve, but you’ll likely be disappointed with the experience. Especially with multiple clients. Spending $750 to $1K will produce a higher quality gaming experience that will support new games and provide future proofing against the elusive eve upgrade.

I recommend purchasing through cyberpowerpc.com. You’ll have a lot more flexibility in cost vs. performance with their wide menu of customization than the major manufacturers will provide. Probably best for you to start with one of their pre designed machines then tweak from there.

8 GB RAM is too low in my opinion. For comfortable work and gaming you will need 16, I base that on my experience with GTAO. Dont only think about EVE.

Look up some builds on Pcpartpicker.Com
Or come up with your own there, you can’t really go wrong

buy yourself a first generation threadripper and you’ll be happy for many years to come!

If you are in any nullsec entity you really only need a keyboard with a single key…‘F1’. Everything else is irrelevant really.

I’d say any standard desktop PC on the market should be able to do it. EVE Online has rather low hardware requirements. As long as it’s not some thin client, build to be extra small and low power to fit into your back pocket, but a classic PC, then it should have enough power to run at least 2 clients if not 3 to 4.

The game needs little CPU and most of the work is done by the GPU. And the GPU can be a GTX 960 or 950Ti, which will run 2-3 clients at max settings easily at 60 fps on a 1080p HDTV screen.

I’m not sure where the AMD RX550 stands compared to those cards, but if I remember its performance right is it on par with them if not better.

So the one you’ve picked from Walmart will likely run 2-3 clients.

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