Looking for advice New PC Build

Looking to build a new PC, end goal 4 clients on 4 monitors graphics on high setting. Budget 5k for PC, have the monitors already. 32" 1m.

I have a Ryzen 5 3600x on an old B450 board with a Radeon RX 570, 32Gb RAM and a 1Tb M.2 drive. Total investment less than $1K and it happily drives 3 2K monitors at high settings. Spend a bit more for a Ryzen 7, X570 board and Radeon RX 5700XT and you’ll have enough headroom for 4 1440p monitors and your investment will still be less than $2K. I’m not sure what framerate you’ll get with 4 1440p monitors but, with Eve’s 1 second server tick you don’t need a lot of frames per second. If you need higher framerates a RTX 2080 will add another $500 or so - still comfortably within your budget.

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Thank you

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