Looking for advice New PC Build

Looking to build a new PC, end goal 4 clients on 4 monitors graphics on high setting. Budget 5k for PC, have the monitors already. 32" 1m.

I suggest going to your local Computer / Electronics Outlet Store and check with them.

Maybe use CCP’s recommended PC requirements as a base starting point.

If your budget is 5k i dont see what it is you need help with then unless youve never built one before.

with your budget go to a builder site and build the baddest system with two high end graphics cards. at least 32Gs of FAST RAM and a HIGH-END ROG MB Plan to add more RAM in a couple of years and maybe upgrade the GPUs.

for gaming its all about the graphics Card everything else is easy and cheap

RGB adds at least 30 fps!!

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Thanks for the replies

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