Scraping PC help needed

Dear capsuliers,

I have been playing eve online on laptop that had mx150 but it died and its soldered to motherboard. Now I play with intel gpu all on low and the problem is that i can barely play with 1 account and i have 2 and its really hard to do any pvp when game is stuttering with 1 client.

Since i am in between jobs for several months now there is no way that i can afford new pc or laptop.

My idea is that if anyone has some old PC components that are collecting dust and if you are willing to donate it so that i can scrape together PC to play this awesome game that I’ve been enjoying for more then a decade.

I live in Serbia, Belgrade.

I already have one person from EU who is willing to send 1060ti, but its not a done deal yet.

Kind Regards,

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May you have good luck and much success…

Course keep in mind the minimum requirements needed to play this game keep going up. Might be better to just save up money and buy a new gaming computer…

Definitely something I didn’t want to do but that’s what I did… now the game loads and plays very quickly for me.

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Do you have a notice board at the local shopping mall?

As that could be a good starting place to finding old unwanted computer parts in your area.

Note pcs are upgraded and many times people will just hold onto their pc componants while using their new rebuilt pc.

I just searched google for Serbia, Belgrade shopping mall and notice there are a few and reason to bring that up is that many people in a community close to your place of residence might be able to help you with your pc build.

Yea that kind of thing does not exist in Serbia. Average pay is so low that people use old stuff until it cant run anything and only then replace it.

Best thing to do is buy one component at a time, perhaps spread the cost over a year, The minimum spec for Eve is still pretty low and you should be able to get something brand new and workable on Eve for about ÂŁ500

It sounds like you know how to build a PC.

Also make use of retailers who offer “pay in 3 services” so if you spend £100 you can pay 1/3 immediately and then the remaining 2/3 every 30 days. In the UK we use Klarna services and can spread the cost interest free.

Have a think about doing jobs that will tide you over until you find your preferred job, Can you become an uber delivery person or driver and work a few evenings a week? In many countries once you have your licence for uber you then gain access to lease deals on new vehicles. If I was you I would sign up for it and work flat out delivering people and parcels and food for a few months and then buy a new PC.

In my young days when I didn’t have a job I purchased an outdoor dustpan and brush and broom and went knocking door to door to see if anyone needed any quick garden tidying or heavy stuff moved, I was so shocked at how many people took me on just from knocking a door and smiling and offering to help tidy up.

These days I am finding many people have a good look at using what they already have before scrapping or buying new, lots of my pc repair customers are instructing me to put SSD’s in their 5/6 year old laptop/pc and getting a couple more years usage out of it before buying new so I don’t think there is much scrap.

Definitely think about going to a refuse center as you’ll find a gigaton of computer cases and components there that people throw away, If you can get on well with the staff there they might let you take some of the discarded computer stuff just so they dont have to deal with it.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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