Computer help needed

So long ago when I bought my computer I knew nothing about choosing a proper one for gaming, however I’m trying to fix this and need help with a direction.
The computer is an Optiplex Dell Inspiron 3847 running a Intel 5i processor 4460 3.20 GHz, with a 8 gig ram.

Problem, integrated graphics, solution buy a GPU, problem they are still super expensive from legitimate sellers $350 to $750 for a Nvidia 1050ti or and same for an AMD RX 570.

I will still have to upgrade the PCU from 300w to 500w for another $100 or so.

2nd alternative, buy a new rig at a cost of $1699 and turn my old PC into a NAS.

End goal, to run not only Eve but Empyrion and Star citizen, advice please.

If you want to run Scam Citizen, and if you don’t want to build a new rig, buying a new rig looks like your best option here.

It’s a bad time to buy a GPU right now (if you can even find one in stock).

Yeah, now is still a bad time to buy a GPU. Prices on Ebay have been dropping, China banned crypto mining (in some provinces?), and you can actually find latest gen cards in stock on Amazon and Newegg. So, things are getting better, but are by no means good. I know it sucks waiting, but I highly recommend continuing to wait. Now, to be clear, I think it will take a really long time for prices to completely recover, however, a return to more reasonable levels would likely happen much quicker.

Regardless, there are a ton of people who know more about this than me talking about it. So check out some articles and videos if you want to know more, and perhaps get some estimates for when prices will become reasonable again.

Oh, and I recommend against buying a pre-built right now. You’re going to overpay (even for older cards) that will likely be paired with a cheap heatsink and a bunch of low quality, proprietary parts in the rest of the build. I’m normally not a big fan of pre-builts, but people’s desperation for graphics cards has allowed them to sink to new lows.

Bahahaha, yup, I paid into the initial open, got me a cheap ship, none the less.

Yeah I’ll probably do this for now.

Same, I got a cheap ship and the soundtrack 9 years ago - and they still can’t deliver even just one track of the soundtrack :frowning:

I got the plastic Citizen ID card too, since I was in the first 4,000 backers. The (alleged) game itself stopped being something I cared for long ago, and now I just keep an eye on it each few months to see how the trainwreck develops. Will be epic when it folds…

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Millions of dollars, seen the main guy Chris Roberts all drunk at a presentation online, that day I knew it was probably doomed.

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