Ganking - is and should be considered a form of cyberbullying simple - it shouldn’t be allowed.

No matter how you wrap this non-consensual asymmetrical PVP - Ganking is actually just online harassment of the victim. I believe there are real-world legal laws that offer protection against this sort of behaviour. So this Ganking style of gameplay and the encouragement of this style of gameplay breaks laws in many counties around the world. Ganking needs to be stopped now as it is harassment, simple.

And legally sorry, but you can not sign your rights and protections under laws away. So the EULA doesn’t protect against this harassment. Therefore I believe CCP is legally obligated to resolve the Ganking issue with their IPR especially now that there are micro-transactions and people buying digital currency legally. Losing items, you buy for real money in-game. I surprised a a legal claim hasn’t been raised yet!

As a player - I have a voice. I want the CSM to raise this formally to CCP for them to investigate from a legal perspective if the Ganking (15v1 with no hope) is breaking local state, EU, UK laws regarding cyberbullying, harassment, etc provide a formal response and hopefully address this obvious problem.

“Every time someone beats me in Chess I feel violated and bullied, I will call the police and contact my lawyer as well. I also want to speak to the manager right now!”

– OP


Nope, it is intended gameplay.

Cry moar tho :smiley:

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Someone explained this in another thread, but basically nope. You got no leg to stand on.

I mean you’re probably trolling, but its probably cause someone ganked you. The fact it made you cry on the forums means they beat you forever :smiley:


This is a serious post - I would like a formal answer from CCP via their escalation point - which is the CSM.

And your the one trolling, when someone else opinion or voice is trying to be heard.
For example,

Double nope LOL.

You are simply wrong - EULAs aren’t laws. I can’t agree to give up rights guaranteed to me by law.
So unless you are constructive, then please get off your opposing positional soapbox and remain quiet.

As a paying customer, I have as much right as anyone else to ask for the CSM to ask CCP for a formal response to my concern. It doesn’t matter if another player feels harassed due to this obviously one-sided gameplay where there is the potential for real financial loss - then I think it needs to be addressed and evaluated. The game has changed, the world has changed as well as laws and protections. People understanding and interpretations of these laws and protections have changed - so I think CCP need to review legally and hopefully come to the conclusion that Ganking is no longer a valid gameplay style and is just griefing and harassment.

If you want a formal answer from CCP, then you need to get it from CCP, not the CSM.

When you buy plex with real money, once it enters the game, you no longer own it. Any item/asset belongs to ccp at that point.

Ganking, as much as you hate it is built into eve as a legit mechanic. Thats why gankers lose their ships.


These forums are great.


Are you limiting your inquiry to highsec actions? I am asking because of your usage of the word “ganking”. Or are you asking about

15 v 1?

This type of asymmetric action can happen anywhere in the game. You haven’t specified and I am curious, cause 15 v 1 can happen anywhere, high, low, null, and wh.


its kinda funny, last few people i seen complaining about ganking or griefing have specifically been stating 15 v 1… maybe someone is creating alts to keep bitching about it.

OP, I have hired, on a personal basis, a legal firm before for a matter that involved international jurisdictions. If you’re actually serious about your legal assertions, I fully recommend you engage with one and have an initial legal consultation. And stop talking here. Sometimes, the initial consults are free. Be prepared to spend at least 5 figures USD from there on out though.

I say this earnestly, because as candid feedback: you sound like someone who is not informed of legal matters, but wants to wield it like a weapon. You are setting yourself up for ridicule just like the Texas Law meme.

EDIT: And if you’re not trying to start a civil suit, but a criminal one, call your state’s District Attorney’s office and the FBI hotline. I am sure each will take the issue of cyberbullied blown up spaceships seriously.


If this is serious then you need a lot more help than a response from CCP.

If not, thank you for a great start to the weekend XD


Ganking is not unique to EVE Online, nor to these times of ours. It is present in any number of online games and always appears to be divisive - Gankers v Carebears or some permutation of those terms.

Does the OP not consider that, even in those games with a strong presence in litigious nations and players numbering in the millions, there has not (to my knowledge) ever been a successful prosecution of the publisher?

The OP should perhaps do a little background research before troubling the CSM with matters wholly without their purview.

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not to mention jurisdiction will be under Iceland and Icelandic law…

Yah, I went to a chess tournament recently, everybody had to pay an entry fee and then people just started viciously and savagely taking pieces and dunking even newbro pawns straight off the board. It didn’t take long for the local SWAT team to arrive and clear the tournament room with tear gas.


“Real world legal laws”





Sec. 31.03. CYBERGRIEFING. (a) A person commits an offense if he unlawfully engages in videogame gameplay with the intent to win or in order to cause an opponent to feel defeat or real-life “grief” due to loss of assets, status, standing, diamonds, rank, lives, loot, purple items, green items, blue items, or level.

(b) Cybergriefing is unlawful in all cases and punishable by summary execution via interweb forum court.


Someone doesn’t know how capitalism or the law works ROFL.

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And I’ve done run out of popcorn :frowning:

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I just realized OP’s character is 7 years old. I would have thought that would have been ample enough time to adjust to the threat of ganks in high sec.

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You should have doubled your popcorn first in Jita local. :wink:

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