Garry's Great Abyssal Guide: solved ships & fits to run L5 abyssal sites!

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(Snape Dieboldmotor) #23

My experience has found that a web is pretty much mandatory for Gila. Fit #1 looks fail to me.

(Arthur Aihaken) #24

You can manage without a web or omni tracker in most filaments (except Darks).

(Halleflux Equeron) #25

I’ve been nolifing it all sunday and made 12b across 4s and 5s. No issues with dark filaments either, so :man_shrugging:

I do have perfect drone skills, though.

(Ildrara) #26

Had the money to burn and gave it a test run. It works…holy ■■■■.

(Divinus Kado) #27

so where’s the vedmak fit and guide?:slight_smile:

(erg cz) #28

Quoted for truth.

  1. Kinetic is the second STRONGEST resist of Abyss rats, not second weakest. Second weakest is thermal:
    Name Shield Resists (Em/Th/Kn/Ex) Armor Reists (Em/Th/Kn/Ex) Intial DPS Max DPS Ramp Time Damage (Em/Th/Kn/Ex)
    Damavik (0/20/40/50) (60/48/53/36) 30 60 70s (–/68.5/–/31.5)
    Vedmak (0/20/40/50) (60/48/53/36) 198 396 100s (–/68.5/–/31.5)
    Leshak (0/20/40/50) (60/48/53/36) 123.2 356.4 250s (–/68.5/–/31.5)
    VilaDamavik (0/20/40/50) (60/48/53/36) 8 20 525s (–/68.5/–/31.5)
    VilaVedmak (0/20/40/50) (60/48/53/36) 79.2 198 750s (–/68.5/–/31.5)

Prefix Tier Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP Shield Resists (Em/Th/Kn/Ex) Armor Resists (Em/Th/Kn/Ex) Hull Resists Kinetic DPS Thermal DPS Total DPS Damage (Em/Th/Kn/Ex)
Photic 1 9000 10625 10625 (0/20/40/50) (62.5/51.25/51.25/32.5) 33 68.10 40.09 108.19 (–/37/63/–)
Twilit 2 9000 10000 10625 (12.5/30/48.5/56.2) (68/59/78/59) 60 171.43 106.84 278.27 (–/38/62/–)
Bathyic 3 9000 20000 10625 (12.5/30/48.5/56.2) (68/59/59/68) 60 225.70 161.21 386.92 (–/42/58/–)
Hadal 4 11875 22500 13750 (12.5/30/48.5/56.2) (77/70/70/68) 60 275.46 196.76 472.21 (–/42/58/–)
Benthic 5 11875 25760 13750 (21/37/53/61) (76/68/68/70) 68 405.53 289.67 695.20 (–/42/58/–)

Good luck shooting through 78 kinetic resists of Twilit.

  1. Gila fit (over 5 bilion ISK fit + implants) is dead to timer as soon as you encounterr pretty usuall BS spawn next to supressor. Drones gone (or prmanently re-scoped / replaced), supressor also diminish missiles DPS.
  2. Deimos fit = no reson to use serp. webs over fed. navy (much cheapier). Double web makes tracking rigs absolute, even if there would be no tracking computer. But you have one there too.
  3. Polarized fits die if got webified, and there are wavers, where you have many webifiers out there.

So - OP post is troll or even worse…

(TzakaPaka) #29

Why ‘Thurifer’ Large Cap Battery over the Republic Fleet one? RF gives you more cap and better protection against neuts, 1820GJ cap/-27% as opposed to 1625GJ/-25% for the ‘Thurifer’ for a fraction of the cost of the ‘Thurifer’.
29m for the RF Cap battery while the storyline cost a mind boggling 550m-1B . And all it has over the RF is better fitting but that dont matter at all with your fit which is not tight at all. Im not saying his fit doesnt work, it prolly does.

Im also using a Gila, i have a buffer fit that works really well in all up to T4 and an active bling fit that works best in some. Havent tried a T5 yet because no balls and i dont think the risk vs reward is worth it tbh. But that Sacrilege fit … i wouldnt have the guts to try it. Seems too touch and go for me and id love to hear what people have to say about all this. Interesting thread nevertheless

(Arthur Aihaken) #30

I’m guessing it’s a fitting issue, but if not - there’s no reason not to use a Republic Fleet large cap battery.

(Garry Caderu) #31

It’s all fitting (the fitting is super tight & you can’t squeeze it with implants because you need crystals). If you can rummage up a few extra CPU (by upgrading your AB and shield booster with mutaplasmids, for example) you can and should switch to a republic fleet battery and an x-type shield boost amp. I’m currently doing that after some good rolls on my own muta drops.

If you’re ballsy/turbopoor, downgrade something else on the fit or drop the DLA to get fitting room for the RF battery.

Edit: TzakaParka: buffer fits can run L4s fine, you really need a maxed-maxed-maxed fit to run l5s though, they’re considerably more difficult. If you’re looking to get your feet wet I recommend the gila, although the sac fit is pretty easy-flying once you get the hang of it.

(Arthur Aihaken) #32

As we all look back fondly towards a time when Deadspace modules were reasonably inexpensive…

(Shegunna Blow) #33

But but but I was told mutagens would crash deadspace modules! tears

(Arthur Aihaken) #34

My pre-Abyssal predictions were that Faction modules would remain the same, T2 would see a slight increase and Deadspace would go up the most. Gee, surprise…

(Wanda Fayne) #35

There are many abysmal modules for sale in contracts :laughing:

(Arthur Aihaken) #36

Yep, I found a really nice stasis web today. 14.99km with 61.2% velocity. With the Eros MR-807 implant that gives me a 16km range. Officer web for less than Officer pricing! (and the fitting isn’t so problematic, either)

(Eternal Montage) #37

So much is going through my head reading this post. I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a definitive fit or definitive guide, and this is the first post to come along and say “solved it”.

My first thought is “wow what an incredibly expensive fit” but after what I’ve seen on the killboards and what I’ve heard on the forums/reddit it is to be expected that whatever fit can do tier 5s is going to be expensive, and I’m cool with that.

Then I read the comments. No one I recognize at first. Half a dozen people posting right after the OP confirming that they tried it and it works. So then I’m thinking “how did they have time? Did they already know about this fit, or am I to believe they went out and bought it within a few hours of the original post?”

Then we have @erg_cz casting serious doubt, and bringing up valid points. I’m not sure what to think.

Ultimately I think there has to be something that can do t5s with relative reliability, and of all the cruisers in the game the Gila is one of the most OP for PVE so it would stand to reason that it could get the job done, but I’m still skeptical under the circumstances.

So how do we proceed?

Edit: also I would have assumed that you would have to plug the resistance hole for whatever weather you’re going into and that doesn’t seem reflected in the aforementioned fit(s) which is surprising.

Edit 2: and what of the the Gila’s natural resistance hole(s)? So you’re telling me there’s no need to plug the massive EM hole? or patch up the weak ass thermal on the Gila? That part is the hardest to believe. I WANT to believe, but this makes it really really hard to do so

(Arthur Aihaken) #38

@Eternal_Montage All excellent points. I’m still not convinced dropping 5-billion+ ISK on the fit and suspect status is worth the reward for the heavy risk. If not, it should come with the caveat of “only run in the blue donut”.

(Crularii) #39

I agree with a lot of your points. Especially the direct replies to the OP, which praise the fits as the best invention since sliced bread, raised an eyebrow. Of course it could be corp mates of the OP, who already knew the fits and tested them over a longer timeframe. Nevertheless, made me also suspicious.

Personally I run all sites (except dark ones) T1-T3 in an Ishtar without problems. Dark ones are hard, cause light drones tend to overshoot their targets and have problems applying damage. Same for heavy drones, which seem to have problems to keep up with their targets and thus also fail to apply damage. My drone skills are not perfect, but most at 5 and all at least at 4. That’s why I am not convinced, that the Gila can run T5 dark sites without problems. I have no doubt, that tankwise it can, but to kill all targets in time. But then, I have no experience with Gilas in the Abyss and as they seem to use medium drones, maybe that is the solution to my above mentioned problems.

Anyway, I guess many people share our doubts, and that’s why we don’t see too many posts in this thread. Probably many lurk around and wait for others to come out of the woods and share their experience with those fits.

(TzakaPaka) #40

Fellas, have you tried the ingame Abyss channel? Its for discussing fits and strategies about how to survive in the Abyss.
People chill in there and discuss about everything. No spamming sales allowed and the discussions are very serious and on the point.

Go try it out “Abyss channel”

(Eternal Montage) #41

Exactly. I was lurking for a few days hoping someone I know and trust would chime in. I do have some experience with the Gila in the abyss and it works really well. But I haven’t been into the higher tiers yet. I do know the Sacrilege is really good in high tiers. Suitonia did an “eve is easy” video on it and it was very helpful.

Will do, thank you for the invite.