Garry's Great Abyssal Guide: solved ships & fits to run L5 abyssal sites!

I typically go for all the cans. B-line straight for the next gate while I fight popping the caches as I come in. When I get 2.5k from the gate drop an MTU and finish the fight. Usually by the time I’m done fighting almost all the loot is pulled in and I have a brief moment to recover cap and shields. That said I do the sites for industry materials and loot, not pure profit.

My personal philosophy is every cache you don’t snag is one less roll for a specialization book or faction turret.

I am wondering, why do I always see Rapid Light Missiles on the Gila, when the Heavy Missiles have much more dps?
Sure you miss out a small amount of dps against frigs, but that what the Gilas drones are for.

There are so many frigates in some waves you want to kill two at once and super fast that’s why plus aplication of damage against such frigates with heavies is very bad

To me, it seemed not that much slower against the frigate waves in the T3/T4 Abyss.
I struggled more with the BC and BS waves and getting frustrated with the reload speed.
So switching to Heavies increased my DPS from 739 to 825.

But sadly my passive Gila fit has the weekpoint in the 2x Starving, 3x Striking Leshak spawn, which is why I need to look up a completly new ship/fitting.

Swap out the loading bay for a rigor and always have faction ammo, not just the rage he listed in the fit. I came very close to dying to a similar damavik spawn before I swapped rigs and realized I needed more missile options.

Have only run a couple 5’s, but 4’s are a breeze in the cerb, even with some skills not maxed yet.

HAMs do more DPS on paper. But you can easily test a HAM vs RLM Gila in an L3 mission or something. It takes 1-2 volleys of RLMs to kill a Frigate. It took me 18 volleys of HAMs to kill the same Frigate. And HMLs are even worse b/c their explosions are slower and bigger, which means even less damage will stick to the Frigates.

Also, the standard Medium drone loadout for the Gila won’t cut it against Frigates. They won’t track as well, while the Frigates will tear them up. So the replacement to RLMs vs Frigates is to carry Light drones. And hope that they don’t get popped by one of those Anti-Drone Towers.

In general, it’s easier to use the RLMs and pick off the Frigates, then use your Medium drones for everything else.

Application. Heavy missiles have crap for application against frigates and the trig cruisers. use your droens for the big targets and LML to take out frigs. Additionally, in abyss it’s essential to take out key enemies as fast as possible, which an overheated LML can excel at.

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