Gas site in null sec some love plz?

(Niana Soikutsu) #1

Ahh the gas cloud in null have explosion I dont mind that etc but the gas cloud explosion happends once every like 10s O.o spacious nebula I dont mind that even though sometime it doesn hit me. But it hits me and sometimes I just came in 10s later I am down to armor I fit 2 med shield ext. but ofc I dont mind that, what I do mind however, is it doesnt show what type of damage it does. Does the explosion have any damage? As I cannot find an information about this subject only that it explodes. Anyone know if the could does a spacific type of dmg or anything about it? so yea some love?

(Solecist Project) #2

You can figure that out all by yourself by tanking your ship for one type and checking how much damage you’re being hit with. No need for a change that removes the requirement to think and experiment for yourself.

You can even do that in a rookie ship.
That way you only lose the resistance mod, if anything at all.

(Niana Soikutsu) #3

yup I just learned that thx for the reply, I should be scared to try XD thankyou

(Solecist Project) #4

Great spirit! :slight_smile:

(Niana Soikutsu) #5

shouldnt XD