Gas Consider exploration?

(Niana Soikutsu) #1

Ahh the gas cloud in null have explosion I dont mind that etc but the gas cloud explosion happends once every like 10s O.o spacious nebula I dont mind that even though sometime it doesn hit me. But it hits me and sometimes I just came in 10s later I am down to armor I fit 2 med shield ext. but ofc I dont mind that, what I do mind however, is it doesnt show what type of damage it does. Does the explosion have any damage? As I cannot find an information about this subject only that it explodes. Anyone know if the could does a spacific type of dmg or anything about it?

(Gerard Amatin) #2

Haven’t harvested any gas in ages, but does your combat log tell you the type of damage of the explosion?

I remember that null sec gas clouds do explode, but a venture with the right tank modules should be able to handle those explosions.

(Niana Soikutsu) #3

nope it doesnt I have a screen shot but its going to have to be private so that is why I am asking does it have damage type?

(Gerard Amatin) #4

After a quick google, according to

“Nebulae found in nullsec may spawn hostile pirate NPCs. Additionally, nullsec nebulae are unstable. Everytime a Gas Cloud Harvester finishes its circle there is a chance for 1000 damage to harvesting ships in the area. For some clouds at least, this damage is pure thermal. But this is not confirmed for all types of clouds.”

Other sources I went through ( also mention a possibility of explosive damage.

So I’d grab a thermal and an explosive hardener and test which one works best for the gas clouds in your area.

(Niana Soikutsu) #5

ok yea I check the thermal if it works but yes it seems like it can reduce damage although it doesnt show, I tried putting on a dc and from 1000 damage it went to 750 or something

(Niana Soikutsu) #6

thankyou for helping

(Rivr Luzade) #7

The gas cloud explosions are easy to tank in Ventures even. There is no problem with these damage waves.

(Shiloh Templeton) #8

Don’t try drone mining on exploding gas