Null Gas Damage Types

Does anyone know the type of damage that null gas nebula do when they explode? I was told (and read) thermal, but i have a 78% thermal tank on this venture and there is way to much damage being taken for it to be all thermal. I have a MSE on this with thermal rigs and a thermal hardener. 1590HP in shield and the explosions take me down to 30% each time. With a 78% thermal resist i should only be absorbing 200-250 damage from the cloud im on and some residual damage from the 2nd one far away.

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Open combat log. Should show incoming dmg type. But you probably should aim at omni tank.

Also, take look at this

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When in doubt, test on Singularity. And yes, check combat log per above.

Combat log shows weapon type but not damage type dealt specifically. I figured it out though. In the sites im harvesting, some nebulas have 1 cloud others have 2. Each cloud does 1000HP of thermal damage. So when i was in a 2 cloud nebula my venture was absorbing 2000 HP of damage which explains the increase in damage i was receiving. I have since been in a single cloud site and the damage is only 40% roughly to my shields with a 50% thermal resist so it makes sense. Each cloud does its own damage points to anyone within a certain distance, which has to be far because the other cloud in the 2 cloud site was 136KM away from me.

This is actual experience not theory crafting so anyone else questioning it can be fairy confident im correct.

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Nice guide, bookmarked for future reference.


The Duo Nebula cloud explodes very frequently and causes 1000 EM + 1000 Thermal damage upon explosion. Avoid huffing in groups.

What I found most interesting is this little tip in the Procedure section:

Activate both gas harvesters at once and then click on the gas cloud. This is very important. It is crucial your harvester modules are on the same cycles. This is because the harvesters are on the same ‘cycle tick’, so each time you ‘extract’ any amount(s) of gas from the cloud there’s only ONE chance for the cloud to explode. Unsynchronized cycles will essentially cause the cloud to explode twice as much.

Lastly the section on Venture ship fits shows them fit with 2x Medium Shield Extender II and 1x EM Shield Hardener II with a Shield Power Relay II mod in the low slot. Rigs consisted of 1x EM Shield Reinforcer II and 2x Thermal Shield Reinforcer II.

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