Gas clouds either spawning no gas, or not despawning when depleted

Dear all,

I see it happening after the patch. Now it is full of Lowsec gas clouds which are not despawning after depleting and the empty cloud remains here after DT!. As consequence there is almost no fresh gas out of there.

Are you having the same issue? Is CCP reading this? I can show 3 of these empty clouds.

I have noticed the same issue. Gas sites 100% empty and not despawning when depleted.

I confirm that the gas can not be seen, there is no such position in overview settings :scream: :confounded:

Hi all. there is no gas after the upgrade. there is a mark on the scan.

I’m seeing the same issue for HS ice belts as well. In the system I usually mine there’s an empty ice belt that hasn’t despawned all day, despite being empty :frowning:

The one (!) gas site in lowsec i found since the patch (azure myko) despawned after I completed it.
It had two clouds with 10.000 m3 each.

But there are really fewer sites then before.

Any gas sites resently spawned seems to have gas to me. Some of them are emrpty when I scan them down, but if something pops up while I’m playing, it will almost certainly have gas in the first 30 minutes. At one time I thoguht I found 3 nice gas sites which spawned, and all the gas was there. I had to do some ratting first and when I came back I complained in local all of them were empty. Someone then said he got all three of the sites to fill his barge… somehow. Either he was pulling my leg (as in it didn’t take 3 sites to fill a single ship) or the sites spawned bugged. But I know the gas was there because I wapred to them before bookmarking them. I think the problem is gas sites not despawning properly unless it’s downtime and sometimes not even. Not that it mattered. I went to buy a replacement huffer (I lost a few over the weeks) before coming back and found out that gas harvesters don’t even fit on frigates anymore, so I guess the gas Venture is truely dead.

CCP did a naming change.

“Harvesters” are barge class miners, either ice or gas.

You need to look for “Scoop”, as in “Gas Cloud Scoop I”, these are now the frigate modules.

CCP already acknowledged this error. They are fixing it. Perhaps in 1 year.

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Again i found a gas site with no gas clouds in it.

You just might be right lol

Addition: Gas sites do not despawn.

Bug came back again!


Today I found a new gas site, but the empty one is still there.

The empty site is now gone.

Bumping this as the majority of gas cloud sites I now find are barren. I assume they are not despawning after being cleared. I am guessing this has been occurring for a week or more.

Gas cloud sites with gas can be found after down time, but if you’re looking later in the day, expect to find no clouds. In one or two cases, I was the one who harvested all the gas, and the site remained for the rest of the day. I did not see the barren site the next day after downtime.

bump. entire region no gas in sites, and pve sites not despawning after clear

Bumped. Was excited to try harvesting in OK-FEM, but they’re all empty. CCPls fix.

The problem seems to be inconsistent.

I found new sites in High as well in Low. Mined them. They despawned.

Then i found a site with no gas in it. This one is still there.


actually it looks normal again.
I must say it feels like there a a few more gas sig spawns.

So atm I am happy :slight_smile: