Where are the gas clouds?

I thought this update would increase the chance of gas clouds spawning but I can’t find any.

I think it doubled their size but reduced the previously increased spawn rate a bit

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Ah, that’s a bummer, but ok. I was hoping they’d show up more frequently in high sec.

For now it seams that spawning and respawning ice and gas anomalies is broken. So I wouldn’t jump to any conclusion based on current state of TQ.

Was modified to only spawn in low and null as designed.

yep 1 system we harvest ice in. shows theres ice there but hasnt been for 2 days now since launch of patch. seems this is happening all over the place. same with gas. the nodes dont despawn nor do they reset. they just stay empty. youd think theyd be on the ball with this.

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Only low and null now? :frowning:

Wasn’t this always the case?

People aren’t eating enough beans


:laughing: That’s hilarious!

I would rarely find gas clouds in hisec.

Nope. Ice used to be in some places in High Sec. Oh well.

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Pretty hard not coming to a conclusions when this is 4 days now and CCP devs have not even commented or updated the issues…if they actually went into the game themselves and went into 30-40 active gas and ice sites in hisec not including low or null they would see for themselves that " oh i guess we better fix this and stop copy pasting old broken code".

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Instead of constant complaining for 4 days I would go to market and profit from their mistakes. I understand frustration. But making more forum posts about same thing over and over won’t fix it. From looks of it this is something they didn’t even think of and broke whole anomaly system. wasted resources aren’t counted so even when there is nothing in space. System thinks there are resources left so sites don’t despawn.

Computer code that is over 20 years old is a multi-dimensional mine field of linked multi-dimensional “pathological connections” (see Structured Design Edward Yourdon Larry Constantine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive) that is very hard to touch. Thus, ship skin “developers”.

CCP Aurora is a goddess. She touched the code for tournaments and MADE IT WORK!! She is a computer universe goddess. A pox on you other pusillanimous programmers.

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