GDSI are recruiting! [0.0]

Galactic Deep Space Industries is a corp full of both newer players and experienced veterans, which made the jump from high sec to null space almost 18 months ago. In that time we’ve morphed from mining carebears, to pew pewer’s who have taken part in some of the biggest wars Eve has seen.

Following the PAPI defeat/tactical withdrawal from the south (delete as appropriate) and the collapse of our former Alliance (RIP Warped Intentions, what is dead may never die), we made the move over to Brave Newbies.

Whilst we can rely on the suite of IT services that Brave offer as well as all the content that a large Nullsec alliance provides, we try to encourage inter-corp operations. Meaning corp mining operations and more!

For budding industrialists we have a comprehensive BPO library where you can request copies of whatever we have to fulfill your own production needs.
For those of you who like to pew, this new chapter in our history has fewer blues than before, plus we are looking at doing more and more corp roams and such.

Whatever your poison in EVE, you can find a place you can call home in GDSI. Come talk to our recruiters today.

No really, please. They’re on commission and are desperate.

We’re really keen to talk to UStz and AUtz pilots but we’re more than happy to talk to any of our EU brethren who are looking for a new corp.

Join our discord here and come talk to us today

Daily bump

Our doors are still open. Come drop in for a chat today

Looking for people across all timezones

Join us today!

Looking for all pilots AUTZ, EUTZ or USTZ and everything inbetween! Join us today!

Still looking for more space friends

This is an awesome corp, definitely worth joining! I miss flying with y’all. Good luck in Brave!

Still loking for more Pilots! Come and have a chat with us!

Our recruiters are waiting to take your call!

we’re still looking for pilots, all ages, shapes and sizes, to come join us in Geminate

We are still looking for more Combat Miners. If you are willing to fight for your space to mine, to conquer all for the right to mine moons. Come chat to us!

Hey you!

Yes! You!

We’re still recruiting. Apply today

Hey we have new neighbours now we have moved to Pure Blind. Why don’t you join us then you can do what we do and introduce them to all kinds of munitions

Our recruiters are sat waiting to take your call today… and also waiting to talk to you about that pod accident you might be eligable for compensation for.

still recruiting!

Still need more pilots! Come talk to us in game or on Discord.

we recently held a competition to produce a recruitment video to show off what our corp is about.

Helen’s video was voted the winner:- clicky

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Still recruiting across all tz’s

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Recruitment still open

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