GDSI is recruiting [ Null-Sec PvP/PvE/Industry Corporation in Legacy Coalition | EU/US/AU TZ ]

Are you tired of mining alone?
Are you sick of running the same NPC missions?
Do you feel like you are missing out?

Join Galactic Deep Space Industries (GDSI) where we value YOU!

GDSI is an active NullSec Corp where we value the social aspect of NullSec life. We welcome new players and veterans alike, to be part of a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We are currently growing our numbers, but aim to always be a close knit community.

We are looking for capsuleers across all timezones and from all skill levels.

GDSI is part of W4rped Intentions Alliance and the Legacy Coalition, which provides us with many PvP opportunities. We frequently form for small gang roams or to actively defend our space.

After a recent move, we are getting settled in Period Basis where there are lots of opportunities to be involved in setting up a new region of space. Plenty of systems for ratting and mining are available and we have access to planets for PI and many moons for mining.

GDSI uses Discord and Mumble as communications channels, this is an expected participation for all members. We use a FAT (fleet activity tracker) to keep track of participation in local and alliance fleets. A member of GDSI is expected to be part of the active community in the Corp and the Alliance.

If this sounds like you, then please join us in the GDSI Pub channel or on our recruitment channel in Discord:


Looking for miners who want to try out more aspects of the game.

Ratters, we have plenty for you to pew pew.

Want to get into some pvp? Plenty to be found.

Come chat to us. If we dont get back straight away, please be patient.

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We are still recruted! If u want to have some fun and some banter!

Hey, we are still looking to recruit active players who want to mine/rat/pvp in an active null sec corporation.

What we can offer:

  • Mining fleets with Orca/Rorqual support/boost
  • Corporation owned structures in home system
  • Access to numerous stations alliance stations and markets
  • Corp and alliance buyback programs (we buy your stuff!)
  • Hauling and jump freighting services (we import/export stuff to/from Jita/Amarr)
  • Relaxed atmosphere (both in-game, on Discord and on Mumble)
  • PVP fleets (both small gang and those huge server-crashing fleets you read about)
  • A way to play the game where real life comes first, always.
  • Access to blueprints and facilities to carry out industry

Get in touch

If you are interested please join us in our in-game recruitment channel: GDSI Pub

Or join our recruitment channel on Discord: 3

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Still a good corp :slight_smile:

Cuddling up to a moon and printing isk feels good when having a good banter and learning about the game. Join us and share in the fun!

Want to be active in the war, blow up Goons Rocks and Rats. Have a chat with us!

The moons are soo lovely! Join us if mooning/isk printing is a thing you enjoy!


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Hey guys we are still recruiting.

Hey we are still looking for members. If you are interested come chat with us on our ingame channel GDSI Pub or on our discord

Hi, Iā€™m SpaceKyd and I need no introduction. This is my Corp and it is awesome. Especially if you like mining, cool people, or are new to null-sec. get with us to apply!

See you in the skies.

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Come experience nullsec and all its benefits with us :slight_smile:

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