GDSI are recruiting [0.0]

GDSI were formed in late 2019 as a mining and industry corporation. Since our creation we have strived to create a sociable atmosphere of friendly players, who look to help each other with common goals.

After their formation and spending some months within Miners Coalition, the corp took the decision to make the jump to 0.0 and joined Warped Intentions. It was quite a period of adjustment, but the corp soon gained a reputation for pitching in and often outpunched its weight in fleet numbers when compared to other, more established corps in the alliance.

With the second war vs Winterco and WWB2 well underway, the corp gained a lot of PvP experience in a relatively short space of time. However, we all know how WWB2 ended and we were faced with the difficult reality that Warped would cease to exist.

Fortunately, we had friends in Brave, and we joined them for their trek across the galaxy from the deep south east, to Geminate and finally, to Pure Blind where we find ourselves now.

Pure Blind is the perfect place for people to fully experience what EvE is all about. It is tough, bloody and unforgiving. It is not Easy-mode. It will teach you to overcome adversity and become a better player in the long term, where you will have an answer for what the game and it’s players try to throw at you.

Whilst we have embraced our PVP side, we have not forgotten our roots. There is plenty of PVE activity to go around and we have a well stocked BPO collection that you will gain access to on a successful application.

If you want to be part of a corp that values community and friendship amongst its members then speak to one of our recruiters today, join our in-game channel “GDSI Pub” or join our discord :- Galactic Deep Space Industries


Our recruiters are waiting to speak to you today

yes points YOU!

Still looking for players, young and old

Still recruiting!

We’re having a blast in Pure Blind. Why dont you come join us?

Just had a decent influx of new players who are settling in well, we still want moar though!

Pretty much daily cake available on demand! As well as all moon varieties for you to mine openly!

Like PVP? Well there is loads to be had and ships to be destroyed! Worried toy dint have the skills though?! You can join in with a day 1 toon with 15 minutes of training!! Simples!

Are you BRAVE enough to join us?

Come have a chat in our public Discord! GDSI Discord

P.S Say I sent you :wink:

Still looking for all types of pilots, new and old!

  • Plenty PVP content on an Alliance level from roams to ESS/Home Defence
  • If mining is your thing, we have a few ice systems as well as open mining to all moon variants!*

*other content methods are available, please enquire here: GDSI Discord

See you there o7

Still recruiting! Come talk to us today

Come and Join Us now!


checks notes yes we’re still recruiting. This month has seen a lot of new faces, but we’re keen to add more to our ranks

Daily bump. Come talk to us today

GDSI have had a couple of fantastic months in terms of recruitment, but we still want MORE

Join our in game public channel and talk to a recruiter today!

our doors are still open

come talk to a recruiter today. Plenty of PVP/PVE action going down, whatever floats your boat

We’re still looking to add people to our little group!

talk to a recruiter today

heard some nasty rumours that we’re nothing but krabby miners. currently #4 in Brave this week for kills and have been in the top 10 comfortably since we joined 9 months ago.

We’re having fun.

Are you?