GDSI are recruiting

GDSI were formed in late 2019 and started out as just a bunch of miners and industrialists trying to carve out a living in New Eden.

Our journey took us across every part of the galaxy: first in Miners Coalition, then out to null with Warped Intentions. It was there where GDSI became who we are today. We learned to fight and to survive against worse and worse odds, and we began to punch above our weight class in fleets, industry, and war.

WWB2 was hard fought, and we learned the hard way that sometimes all you have isn’t enough. When WWB2 ended and Warped Intentions was on its deathbed, we had to make a choice.

Our journey has seen us morph from miners into grizzled war veterans and our focus switch to be more pvp focussed, whilst still embracing our indy roots.

Our home in Pure Blind and Fade is the perfect place for people to fully experience what EvE is all about. It is tough, bloody and unforgiving. It is not Easy-mode. It will teach you to overcome adversity and become a better player in the long term, where you will have an answer for what the game and it’s players try to throw at you.

Currently fighting Fraternity and friends, there are opportunities to get on dank killmails and loot the wreckage. Yet whilst we have grown our PVP side, we have not forgotten our beginnings. There is plenty of PVE activity to go around and we have a well stocked BPO collection that you will gain access to on a successful application.

We have the usual things/services that corps can offer, such as:-

  • Buyback Service
  • Logistics
  • Moons/Ice/Ore Mining
  • Industrial Library

But, if you also want to be part of a corp that values community and friendship amongst its members then speak to one of our recruiters today, join our in-game channel “GDSI Pub” or join our discord :- Here

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

God Damn Shoot It?
Get Dunked Shoot It?

Seriously asking

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