[GENAV] Guardians of the EVE Navy recruiting fresh blood!

Recruitment still open! If you’re looking for a PVE corp and don’t wanna do PVE stuff alone, we can assist!

still recruiting!

The corp is still recruiting :slight_smile: Why stop here?

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Still recruiting! Join our public channel to talk :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :smiley:

Still recruiting.

still recruiting

still recruiting

still recruiting ^

still recruiting…

still recruiting!

still recruiting


I “tried” to send an app? Riki Kashour & Ryka Hashur. I’m not sure it went through? I fill in the box with unfo. Click ok it vanishes! ?good it sent. I check status & I get a brand new app? Anyways I forgot to specify time zone. PST.

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