[GENAV] Guardians of the EVE Navy recruiting fresh blood!

Guardians of the EVE Navy is looking for new players to teach and take into the skies, and for veterans to fly with!

GENAV Is a new corporation made to assist new players with the hard learning curve of EVE Online, and to create content for veterans alike, in the form of chitchat, fleets and more!

What we offer:

  • PVE Content
  • Low Tax rate (5%) as opposed to NPC Tax (11%)
  • Ore Buyback Program 5% above Market Buy Orders
  • Chitchat
  • Trade with eachother
  • Experience for Newbros on the field with veterans
  • Content for everyone!
  • Fleets, Mining Fleets
  • Our Discord for communications
  • Moon Mining
  • Alpha Ship Replacement Program


  • Willing to learn the Game
  • Willing to participate in corp activities, not 100% required.
    = Real life comes first, but some sort of activity is required.
  • Must join our discord which is found in the corp bulletins
  • Don’t send a blank application. Tell us why you want to join.
  • No SP Requirement is set
  • Move near our HQ, we will help you move if you don’t have too much stuff to move.

If you think you can fullfil that (with some reserve) - read on!

Our corp currently operates in High-Sec, Sing Laison region.
Our headquarters are located in the 3rd trade hub, Dodixie and our office is in Vylade.

We operate in EUTZ and Eastern Time Zones.
Our corps public channel: GENAV Recruitment

If you want to join:
Send an application describing why you want to join, what is your timezone and what you would like to do in our corporation.
You also must speak english of course.

We look forward to seeing you.

Fly safe o7 and with regards,
Peter Quill StarEmperor.


Still recruiting!

Still recruiting, newbros and everyone come fly with us!

@Peter_Quill_StarEmperor Do you have a discord buddy? What time zone are you playing? Thanks!

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@SkyNet_Expanse Discord is work in progress, and I play 13:00 - 18:00 EVE Time. (Europe)

GENAV still recruiting!

Still recruiting, we have a discord now.

We’re still recruiting new players! Join our public channel Guardians of the EVE Navy if you have any questions.

Still recruiting! Come by our public channel if you have any more questions about the corp.

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Good afternoon

I’ve recently returned from a break (read 5 year absense as I became a father twice over) and now I’m able to start playing again. I sold my previous characters and gave the isk to friends proper leaving eve style.

So I have come back and starting over. I have used the bonus sp and starter packs to make a triglavian worshipping toon. I can fly up to Leshak as a friend wants my help in these invasions. I digress.

What goals and roles do you have within your corp for a returning high sec über noob?

Message me here, in game or shoot me a mail.

Fly safe.

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@The-Other Thanks for asking! Our current goal is to set up a base in Vylade, where we mostly mine and have an office. Ocassionaly we do missions and combat sites, triglavian stuff too. Fly safe o7!

Still recruiting! Send me an ingame mail or join our Public Channel if you want to talk :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :smiley: You can always come to our public chat to talk.

Still livin’!

still still still… recruiting! tired of doing stuff alone? come join us!

Still recruiting :upside_down_face:

still recruiting! :innocent:

still recruiting!