🟥 Giveaways and the best isk/hr! Legend of Rogue X is for you!

Legend of Rogue X is a corporation that works hard to give opportunities to pilots who are willing to accept it.

What we offer:

  • 2 different discord servers, one for our giveaways and the other for private corp use
  • Structures next door to our HQ so that you can reprocess and manufacture the goods you want
  • Highsec pve fleets
  • Pvp fleets if enough people are willing to participate
  • Corp hangers so you dont have to buy your own ammo (etc)
  • Doctrines and ships ready to be lent out to newbros to give them a jump start to making better isk
  • A great bunch of guys to hang out with and ask questions

What you need to enter:
Common sense and the willingness to take on our advice

Giveaway Server link: https://discord.gg/xNzeTD8PRT

If you have any questions either drop a comment, ping or pm me in the discord server or send Bellahead16 Otsada an in-game mail

Fly Safe o7

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Recruitment open

Recruiting still open



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