🔴 Legend of Rogue X, LOOKING FOR KEEN PILOTS - Helping YOU make the best isk/hr time can buy!

*Legend of Rogue X is a Corporation derived from the deepest parts of New Eden.

“As the beginnings of war rise to the horizon, we prepare to defend our lands. The Battle raged over centuries but towards the end our defence collapsed leading to the imperial forces invading and pushing us out.”

This enraged Rogue X, but made them stronger and wiser. As we hold the legend and the spirits of those fellow pilots. we still, are looking for revenge. best served cold…

Who / What is Legend of Rogue X (LRX) ?

We are a dedicated group of individuals ready at moments notice to help YOU. And teach you the ways of Eve. If your wanting to make big isk and have fun we’re the corp for you.:+1:

What We Provide

  • High-sec Refineries and Engineering complexes
  • Regular Fleets in High-sec and Wormhole space
  • Regular maintained Wormhole with Moon-mining and combat site fleets
  • Training to get into incursions
  • A discord server for comms, general chat, eve talk and eve memes
  • A reliable buy-back program
  • Competitive recruiting system
  • And happy to answer any question

Why we want you

  • To give you the best experience of eve
  • To have fun and to help you
  • To expand and range into low-sec
  • To become a 24hr active corp with capable FC’s
  • And to be able to defend all of our structures sufficiently against War declarations.

No matter your experience or clone state you are more than welcome to join. But as we start to fill up it will be harder to grab hold of these priceless opportunities so take it while it lasts.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/hvMMhg

Drop a comment of you have any questions / suggestions etc

I hope to see you in corp fly dangerous o7


Recruiting is Open

Rex open

Recruiting open

Rec Open

Rec open

Recruiting open

What do your high sec fleets do? I am interested in highsec PVP and maybe some occasional ratting. Some lowsec would be nice too

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Usually Mining through to combat with training for incursions. Also looking to run WH ops aswell

Recruiting Open

https://discord.gg/FhNKJTT The actual link if your still interested

Recruiting stil… open

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