🚀 [Legend of Rogue X] A growing friendly corp helping you make billions per day and providing a WH - {looking for active players around AUTZ}

*Legend of Rogue X is a Corporation derived from the deepest parts of New Eden.

“As the beginnings of war rise to the horizon, we prepare to defend our lands. The Battle raged over centuries but towards the end our defence collapsed leading to the imperial forces invading and pushing us out.”

This enraged Rogue X, but made them stronger and wiser. As we hold the legend and the spirits of those fellow pilots. And they are still looking for revenge. best served cold…

No Matter Your experience or clone state were are here to help you and give you the best opportunities for you to grab hold of and accelerate above others, were also here to answer questions and have a good time.

Who / What is Legend of Rogue X ?

We are a dedicated group of individuals who are happy help and give you opportunities like no other in new eden. Were a laid-back corp and we only provide suggestions, it is up to you to use them. and always happy to chat and have fun in fleets

What Are Providing:

  • Highsec and Wormhole Refineries and Engineering complexes
  • Training and help to afford a ship that will be able to make you billions
  • Discord and Teamspeak server for comms and regular chat
  • Reliable Buy-Back system to take the hassle out of hauling items to e able to sell them
  • Competitive recruiting system
  • Having a good time

Why We Want You:

  • To give you a boost in eve
  • To be able to teach you and give you a helping hand
  • And to have a growing corp that you can have fun with

Our Goals:

  • To become a large sized corp that ranges over most Time Zones
  • To have capable FC os leading a fleet of pilots
  • Moving down to Lowsec so people can mine and experience pvp
  • Own more structures ad corp assets

Drop a comment or send an evemail if you have any queriers.

I which you the best in eve and hope to see you in corp.

Fly safe o7


Recruiting open!

Recruiting open

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