God/Zeus Abyssal mods

Consolidating my sales into one post and added some extra mods.

Officer BCS is 33.3% DPS increase, highest in game.

Lowball offers will be ignored and considered a free bump.


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Great mods for sale

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Still for sale

Please send me price for that x-large shield booster

You can’t price a mod like that. It’s best of it’s kind and worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Make me an offer I can’t refuse

I will agree with part that I can’t price like that. You can’t also do that. Kinda bad part of market it seems.

Hope everybody is having a good weekend, to the top

All mods still available

Hello, 2b for the x-large shield booster.

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3b for the booster

Shield booster currently reserved all other mods still available.

Shield booster SOLD.

Great mods for sale.

1MN AB SOLD, updated picture and added a couple SPICY 5MN.

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All mods still available

Another AB SOLD.

To the top, updated with more hot mods.

How much for all the frig mwds