Gold Moon Industries, a Nullsec Indy corp, is recruiting miners, truckers, and whatever that guy over there is doing

We are a small corp that puts a lot of effort into producing and supplying what the other members of our alliance like to buy and lose often. To that end, we have a nearly endless amount of work for anyone that wishes to engage in logistics in pretty near any level, subcapital.

PI, Mining, and trucking are some of our mostly easily accessible activities we need in near-infinite quantities. But, we have almost daily pvp activities that are fully optional though encouraged if for no other reason than learning for when/if the time comes we have to defend our own backyard.

We are Citizens of the South East Agreement, so while we are in Nullsec we are not part of bloc politics granting us a bit more freedom and more voice to the individuals.

For those that may not be in nullsec or may be new to the game I would like to point ouf some of the things I am still enjoying, since I personally am fairly new to nullsec myself.

Planetary Interaction in Hisec tends to get you around a million isk per planet per day if you do well. in Nullsec it tends to be around 5 million isk per planet per day with less effort.

Active and aggressive solo mining in a retriever in Hisec may net you around 8 million isk an hour. Mining in nullsec with the same ship and more casual level of play will net 50 million isk an hour. Moon mining with a group which takes no extra skills from the retriever pilot at all, can result in upwards of 150 million isk an hour. This means if you play 2-3 hours a day, and some ganker takes out your retriever in hisec you have lost 5 days of progress to try to replace it. In nullsec you have lost 30 minutes.

And on the subject of PVP. I lose fewer ships out here in a month than I do in hisec. In general I feel a lot safer here than I did in Hisec, but it never made sense until I spent a month down here to see it first hand.

Ratting/PvE is also a lot more profitable down here. Casually ratting out here in a 200m cruiser can make as much money as aggressive mission running in a 4b battleship in hisec, even if you get all the good missions with none of the gargage. No mission timers. No skipping or refusing missions because they keep trying to pit you against other “good” factions you don’t want to piss off. Low end sites out here can net you an easy 20-30m in 15-20 minutes with moderate skills. If you have an alt to loot and salvage, you can increase that by another 10-20m per 20 minutes.

We are newbro friendly but we won’t reject a veteran that can help mold the newbies.

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