Gold Moon Industries seeking miners, truckers, rattings, and...whatever that guy over there is doing

We are a nullsec indy corp, but have great use for those willing to work hisec, lowsec, wormholes, and anything else too.

We do we offer?

Mostly a pretty aggressive buyback program.

Aggressive how?

Well frankly I think the idea of buying your ore at 90% of Jita is completely moronic and dishonest. I am not buying your Pyeroxeres because I want your Pyroxeres. I am buying your Pyroxeres because I want the Pyrerite and Mexallon that comes out of it. So if I am getting 35isk of Pyerite and Mexallon out of your Pyroxeres why should I offering to pay only 24isk for it? Because it’s only 26isk in Jita? Screw that. I am paying you what it’s worth to me. Now granted if the mineral content is 35isk I am only paying you 32isk because I am still building in a 10% profit margin for myself. But i am paying you on content, not latest dumpster price. This often means i am going to pay more for your ore than it’s worth in Jita.

Buh Buh Buh, Uncle Keltyrr if you are paying more ore than it sells for in Jita then how am I supposed to use my Venture to compete with Billy in his Badger! It takes me an hour to get two million isk worth of Scordite but he can just fly over to Jita and get twice as much in half the time!

Do it. Both of you do it. I am not just buying a finite amount of ore. Guy in a badger isn’t gonna move enough ore to put you out of business. You make money, get a better equipped venture or upgrade to a covetor. He gets an upgrade from a badger to a Tayra or a Crane. Now you are both making more money because you are mining 8x faster and he can now smuggle stuff out of Podion. The more money you are both making, the more money I am making. We succeed by moving in the same direction.

And if you fear he will succeed faster than you, learn from him and do the same!

Oh yeah, we are out of Detorid. Yes, that is Nullsec.

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