Gold Pheonix Corp is Recruiting/ Small Industry Corp Looking to expand

Do you Like to help others and watch something grow?
Be part of something from the beginning and join us

New Pilot Friendly, Alpha and Omega Pilots Welcome
No Skill Point requirement.

We are an HS Industry Corp in Caldari Space with aims to expand into Low Sec and Null Sec in the near future.

We are looking for non toxic, active pilots to help achieve our aim to become a self sufficient Corp.

What we offer:-

  • Help and advice.
  • Skill books that will help you on your chosen path.
  • Buy back on Ores, Salvage. PI products, Datacores and Decrytpors.
  • Ships and Equipment.

We have Discord but it is not a nessessity to join.

What we require :-

  • Miners. ( Orca mining boost’s available. )
  • Combat Pilots
  • Explorers
  • Industrailists

I suggest you place here in the main topic, more info about your corp, area of operation, eat the corp offer, if any SRP is up, what activities your corp do exactly.

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