Gold Pheonix Corp (GPHC) looking for Pilots For Growing Community

Do you Like to help others and watch something grow? Be part of our growing community!
We are a NS operating corp with operations in Caldari and Gallente HS as well.

We are looking for non toxic, open minded, active pilots to help achieve our aim to become a self sufficient Corp in Null Sec space.

What we offer our pilots:-

  • Part of PVP alliance with fleet ops almost daily
  • Help and advice with all aspects of eve
  • Skill books that will help you on your chosen path.
  • Buy back on Ores, Salvage. PI products, Datacores and Decrytpors.
  • Ships and Equipment.
  • Mining Fleets with max boosts available.

What we are looking for in new pilots :-
*Positive attitude

  • Willingness to go on fleet ops and learn PVP
  • Miners.
  • Combat Pilots

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