Golden Dawn Society - Low sec Piracy - Small gang PVP

The Golden Dawn Society is a newly formed PVP piracy corporation specialised in Small gang warfare based in Low sec space. The corporation operates in all regions of known/unknown space, but mostly has its base within the Black Rise, and Faction warfare regions.

GDS does not aline itself with anyone politically nor does is it have any ambitions to. Our corp policies are strictly NPSI and we operate on a “Do as you please” basis.

We are currently open for recruitment to members of all backgrounds with a common interest in non consensual PVP.

What we offer you.

  • Weekly PVP roams.
  • No blues, and a target rich environment.
  • Training in the Art of War.
  • Freedom to do as you please, with no strings attached.
  • A relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

What we look for.

  • Communicative members (Discord/TS)
  • Ambitious to learn and teach others.
  • A relaxed demeanour.

A new corp, with new beginnings, be part of the journey as we build our corporation up. We are currently looking for members of all backgrounds to help fulfil roles. Convo or mail for a chat.

Feel free to join us in our Public channel for a chat “Golden Dawn Society” or send Lord Harrowmont an in-game mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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