I watch the spaceyacey vids and only polarize fit golem for huge dps and isk to clear.

Also dont waste time traveling i autopilot to each mission while doing other work to be more efficient

Removed a bunch of unneeded back and forth posts.

Kinds rigged. Golem always be better than short range blaster fit kronos. That is why Kronos need range increase mods.
I’m caldari for live, flew missile ships for a long time but when I tried Kronos I never look back at missile BS anymore. Insta damage is far better than delayed.

The ■■■■ ?

I don’t pretend it’s better or whatever.

I’m just saying, the golem can do 3k DPS at 45km ; and the kronos can’t do 5.3k at this range.

I agree that delayed DPS is a problem. also application.
4200 m/s and 3.9 s/cycle means 16km per salvo, so one salvo lost after 16km, 2 after 32km, and 3 max at 48km. That’s why I degroup my launchers.

on the plus side, you don’t need to remain still to shoot small fries.

That’s about it, I had one and was so underwhelmed by it’s performance I sold it soon after, I don’t keep low performance high priced items around.

Also a very high value lol gank target. I mean how many times will an empire ganker get to pop a BLOPS, amiright. Probably not even scanned. Its straight up pop the black ops time for giggles.

r eve in a thread recently had a km link about a marshall kill in empire. Looked like a brave, or stupid, pilot went auto target missile style.

Not sure why you’d afk auto missile a blops let alone a marshal but that’s me.