Is the golem the most blinged out pimped out OP high-sec level 4 mission runner one can equip still? haven’t played in years Haven’t seen any new ships that came out that might replace it, but just asking?

Marshall I think is most stupidly expensive hull outside of tournament rewards.

Marshall, that a new ship in the past x years? I’m pretty out of it, haven’t even heard of a Marshall…so it’s stupid expensive, but…i mean…is it ‘better’ than the golem? that’s my bigger point. Not really caring if it’s just expensive cuz it’s collectible or something

Marshall can achieve 4500DPS at a price

torpedos just got a nice buff so the golem should certainly be a competitor for that top spot once again. That said marshal has some nice bonuses that could make it very good for running, but being expensive and a blackops not sure many people have used it and shared results.

Machariels and barghests seem to be the other two best options I can see.

what torp golem buffs?

you can now make golem torp hit with rage at 40km 1400 DPS, making it effectively better than other marauders.

That’s with 2 painters, MJD, MWD, DC.

Yeah it kind of makes me sad I decided three months ago my second Marauder class would be the Vargur. I now have Golem envy.

Just waiting for the upcoming drone marauder

225% bonus to drone damage/hitpoints/tracking speed per level plus standard marauder armor tank bonuses and bastion will be awesome

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You will be waiting a long time.

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Huh? I’ve seen post after post, youtube nothing even remotely claims that. I mean how? lol…can you link something? Golems seem to be coming in pve fit at about 1400-1600 right? I can’t imagine anything doing 4500

Just ignore. Look at other posts by that person and you will understand…

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The Marauders just got a huge buff. I think the Kronos and Paladin are best now.

golem can reach 3k DPS at 45km.
Dunno if it’s “best” or whatever, definitely impressive.
Allows to do ded5 in less than 15m.

Kronos can reach 5.300 DPS at that range.

no it can’t.

Watch this Eve Online - 5300 DPS Polarized Shield Kronos / 2021 Update - YouTube and cry me an apology!

no apology. We talk about comparison, so we need same context : no polarized no OH no implants.
otherwise of course the golem can do even more.

so, for those who are interested in actual data and a brain, here are the actual DPS at that range with 4 damage mods and bastion only :

so kronos does actually 640 DPS “at that range” while golem does 2600 . Even with TC it’s impossible to reach 5300 DPS “at that range” for kronos.

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