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Just wanted to make a thread so I can chitchat with yall about random things happening.

Since holidays and New Years are happening real soon, what do you all got going on for?

I’m planning on visiting some family Christmas day, my sister is cooking the whole spread and it usually all comes out very well.

Nothing too much planned for New Years here, might head into the city to go see some of the fireworks shows though.


Eating and playing EVE, even more eating and maybe some alcohol so I will have something to blame on for all the lost ships. lol

But more seriously. I hope for some quality time with family and pray that maybe this year, that part of family you don’t particularly like. Won’t come and don’t spoil the mood for whole holidays


I’ve retired, so I’m time-rich. Since the presence of Covid-19 continues to affect social gatherings here in the UK, we’ve had to scale-down our party plans.

I’ll be spending some of the time texting and phoning loved-ones (I don’t use video apps), but when not doing that, I have my hobbies:

Electronic Music Making
General Gaming
Backlog of ‘Watch Later’ YouTube videos

New Year’s Resolution:
Don’t buy any more synths: they’re all basically the same!
(Yeah…Good Luck with that…)

Have a peaceful time, ISD Golem!


I’ll be working, so… yeah. Working.

  • Play Eve
  • Argue with people online
  • Reluctantly attend family gatherings
  • Talk about the Eve MER until people leave me alone
  • Eat too much
  • Contemplate the inexorable march of time, and how I’m one year closer to my consciousness ceasing to exist
  • Think to myself, “why did I eat too much”… then make a huge plate to go, so that I can do it again later.

Our family gatherings are usually more positive than anything else so pretty thankful for that.

@Sasha_Nemtsov how many synths you got? Music related, I want to finally push myself to learn my bass guitar, it’s been collecting dust for far too long.

@Small_Kitty_Paws Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you get some nice killmails and don’t lose too much!

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Got fired from my job, took a few weeks found a new one, and already making the two therapists there look pretty bad, received a $2 an hour raise, so i’ll be working next week except for Thurs and Fri, and just being awesome at what I do.

after work wednesday, gonna go see christmas lights in the local park, then go chill with the fam and spend the night with them.

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I don’t collect hardware synths any longer - they take up too much space!

I have more than 40 software synths, but I don’t begrudge spending the money or time in order to achieve my musical goals.

Bass players have my enduring respect. In any ensemble they provide the firm tonal foundation on which everything else is built, but are rarely credited for it. I hope you are able to make time to pursue your hobby!


So far it seems I will be working a big portion of the time too. (I want RL warp core stabs to escape from work aggro! heh) Anyway, I hope everyone has safe, healthy and fun times as this year winds down. :slight_smile:


Yes please, everyone take extra caution if you’ll be out driving next weekend. Holidays are always a big increase in people reckless driving. Keep you and yours safe!

I almost experience a wreck every single day, or almost witness a wreck every single day due to a new layout of roads where I live. People making illegal U-Turns.

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Bit of an update. Life’s been pretty busy busy for me since the holidays. Saw some family for Christmas and New Years, videochatted with ones that were unable to come (distances or covid) Good times, good food.

What have you all been up to?

came down with covid thanks to a co-worker, she gave the entire staff (which is really only 4 people covid…■■■■■…

Hope you’re ok now (?).

I’ve noticed fewer and fewer people masking-up/keeping their distance here (UK), so I’m more or less resigned to becoming infected at some point, despite my triple-jabbed status. My Mum caught Covid in hospital, but thankfully recovered.

I’ve been working with synthesizers and other software, trying to take a more technical, less head-in-the-clouds approach to music creation. It’s paying off; persistence works.

Speaking of which, I do need to Vape less and walk more…

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I wasn’t too bad, fever and body aches for a few days, and took a few days to get my strength back, but aside from coughing i’m in better shape, though i missed 2 weeks of work with us being closed but hopefully after the snow storm we’re getting tomorrow and monday, we can open back up tuesday… my manager and her husband the chiro, were in worse shape than I was…

I actually had covid the past 2 weeks. Just tested negative yesterday. Thankfully had my 2 shots and a booster so I only had some congestion.

Hope you’re doing better mate


Yea i’m lots better. Never did get the booster, but I was vaccinated back in April/May of last year.

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Glad to see both of you made it, I went through covid in November so it is definitely possible so never give up hope there is always a chance.


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