GONE. Recruiting - Newbros, BitterVets, Alphas

What Could Possibly Go Wr0ng?
This is where you’ll find out numerous and hysterical answers to this age old question … but only if you join us.

Who are we?
Ghosts of New Eden is the K-Space (Known Space) division of the Wr0ng Alliance.
Many of our pilots have flown together since 2012 (or longer) in nearly all aspects of Eve.

Our Philosophy:
Player vs Player interaction is the ultimate expression of the Eve environment. We also foster an environment that provides you the ability to properly enjoy this game with friends to fly with and a steady, reliable income. We don’t make anyone participate, instead we believe that it is far more effective to build a culture of teamwork, a fun atmosphere and friendships that makes it impossible for you to resist helping.

What do we offer?
Skilled and experienced trainers.
Opportunities to do hilariously stupid things
Close knit community of smart asses, including veterans from the US and Canada
Voice and Text based communication and comradery (Discord)
Scheduled mining, PvE and PvP operations, including occasional wars for fun, training, or profit.

What are we looking for?
Pilots who want to fly together
PvE pilots who want to become comfortable in PvP
PvP pilots who want to learn how to afford ships to lose in PvP.

Where do we live and operate?
Gallente Highsec with excursions into Lowsec, Nullsec and Wormhole space.
Syndicate (NPC NullSec)

What do we require?
A sense of humor! At the very least you cannot take yourself too seriously. We WILL make fun of your ingame pain and expect you to do the same!
An understanding that Internet Spaceships are Super Cereal but Real Life comes first.
Full API
Ability to be on voice comms for operations (Discord)

If you are interested in what we have to offer then you can either join our public channel “Well of Souls” or send Balder Verdandi an ingame message.


Will be online later today, so stop by our channel, send me a mail, or DM me directly.

Looking for guys and gals that can do some mining and enjoy blowing stuff up … or getting blown up.

Working on an ice and ore buyback program so we can make more of our own ships and fuel.

Ships provided for most ops.

Message or mail me in game.

Wr0ng stress balls and flask at Eve Vegas.

This is the kind of stuff we do. If you want to be part of this insanity, make sure to DM me in game or just send a mail.

After the weekend festivites, we’re back!

Join us in game, DM, or Eve Mail me in game.

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