Good Guise - Caldari State Faction Warfare PVP USTZ

GOOD MORNING VIETAMA! We are recruiting. Here is our zKillboard

Our method is to fight more often, which requires taking fights we don’t have an assured victory. We plex, we fight, we reship. This is a great place for a fresh start. We are not restricted to flying Caldari ships. It’s pretty simple, stop reading, come apply and join, and help the underdogs. Also, stop worrying about e-reputation, empire building from scratch, being a keyboard warrior, and simply come join us. Fly with us, die with us.

‘Good Guise’ chat in-game

:diamonds: Fight or Dock up? Fight!
:diamonds: Fight or trash talk in local? Fight!
:diamonds: Fight or jump into gate camps without waiting for answers on whether or not the gate is camped? Yes!

Perfect candidate:

  • Hangs out every day
  • Does not have some unrelated motive other than daily friends and shooting weapons
  • Enjoys fighting, even outnumbered

Hey! We’re still at it. Flipped a system and still getting good fights. Come check us out! You don’t have to be good

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