Good luck with your Launch today CCP & NASA

The whole world is watching and cheering along.

Huge day ahead, hope the party starts early today as we’re less than 3 hours away.

The inspiration of eve online and NASA

EVE Online - Project Discovery in space


And…a successful launch! The US doesn’t have to rely on the Russians anymore to get to the ISS…

Now about those riots and pandemic…oh yeah…


Did you know that Michel Mayor Nobel Prize winner in Physics 2019 also plays Eve Online?

They show his desktop on stage
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That was probably installed so he could demo the feature, doesn’t mean he is into the spaceship game any more than that. I’d be happy to be corrected, however.

And I was very happy to see the astronauts reach space without incident. Getting off the ground is half or more of the real spaceship business :wink:

Looks like its photoshopped image. :laughing:

Iceacid Frostpacker u did it, confess. :oncoming_police_car: :policewoman:

Normally I wouldn’t say this, but you’re an idiot.
Project Discovery in Space was the first Project Discovery.
The next PD, has to do with the virus.

oh yea forgot the human thing… i don’t do PD much so i couldn’t remember if we already had 3 or not… but i guess it looks like the virus will be #3.

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First space station, then Moon, and eventually Mars.

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