Gooseflock Featheration - Now recruiting Member Corps and Individuals!

The Goosefleet Anthem


Gooseflock Featheration is a wormhole corporation that one day rolled the static into some very nice sov space. We’ve decided to keep it, and you’re invited to join our fledgling alliance!

We offer you:

Use of Nullsec and J-space structures with active markets and industry perks.
Active FCs and regular blops operations, roams, wormhole expeditions, and fleet operations
PUSHX, Moonpire, and GooseFreight logistics with competitive rates
A generous Ship Replacement Program (maybe too generous)
Friends :slightly_smiling_face:


No Not Believing In Yourself
A willingness to try new things
Join our alliance discord and WINGS character auth system. It’s easy and less intrusive than the EVE api keys of the past.
Be thoughtful of your future alliance mates. We are LGBT+ founded and friendly, so this means no gamer words or other hostile thought processes. Sorry, this is a slur-free zone.

How to get in touch:

We prefer Discord for most contact:
Gooseflock Diplomatic Discord

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