Grievance United Recruiting

We want to build a team that can have FUN.

So what are we looking for?

Players in Any time zone are welcome.
Mature players please
We have a Discord server.
People who want to play eve but also want to feel and be part of something that grows from the very beginning. Check out what Grievance is all about

What can Grievance United offer you?

The chance to be part of something bigger, driven by the players with no bureaucracy and an open mind as to where we can go.

We are based in Sing Liaison, HQ and operations 0.6 high sec space,
Complete corporate transparency (yes you can see where our isk goes) and interaction at a corporate level!
No active wars, were a friendly bunch
We PvE , PvP roam, Gas/Ore Mine,
New ships/Skills etc, corporation funds, advice and help for new players
Alphas and Omegas absolutely welcome, no ‘minimum skill point requirements’
Have fun at your own pace with no pressure.

Something you might be interested in? Fill out an application here




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