[GRiMM] The HounDs are recruiting


-☜★☞- GRIMM HOUNDS -☜★☞
GriMM HouNds is recruiting select pilots for 0.0 PvP.

We are a member of SoNs of BaNe Alliance who live in null. We are a primarily a USTZ PvP corp who want aggressive and talented pvp pilots to fly with us. We will accept EUTZ/AUTZ pilots who retain leadership qualities and who would like add growth in their timezones. GriMM is a small gang style PvP corp that ventures into Low Sec and lives in Null.

All applicants are required to have the following:

  • 75% or better KB Rating
  • Minimum 50M SP dedicated in PvP
  • Active and able to use coms
  • Able to fly HAC/T3C/SHIELD & BLOP Doctrines
  • “Not required” but preferred to have ALTS with Dreads.
  • 18+ Corp, No Drama!

We offer:

  • Daily PvP ops/engagements
  • Heavy activity in US and EU TZ’s
  • Space for Ratting/Mining/Indy/PI
  • Buy Back programs for both PVE’Rs and MINERS
  • SRP for Fleet ops
  • A great community for bad jokes, good laughs and a good place to spend your time!

Join GRIMM PUBLIC in game or Ravangard or Thermistcles directly.
or join our Discord: SOB Corp/Member Recruitment.

Bump - Looking for Early and Late USTZ pilots to pvp with. We got content on the daily. Focused in small gang but there are options all around.

Bump - LF a chill place to hang out? Kill stuff on the fly? Come see why we are one of the oldest corps in eve.

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