[GSF] El Ultimo Hombre, recruiting all TZ

Capsuleer’s of new Eden, we welcome you to join our active corps El Ultimo Hombre , a member of one of the largest alliances in the game. A null sec corporation that is big enough to cope, yet still small enough to care about its members, as well as allow you the chance to help shape the future of the organization? We are looking for active, motivated players who are interested in contributing to the corporation and the alliance as a whole.

In-game public channel: Hombre’s Bar
Corp: El Ultimo Hombre [ELU]

As a corporation, we can offer you:
-Community and Forum support with detailed info on:
Ratting and mining
Farming LP
Future Market sales buy/sell
Players from all time zones

-Training, mentor-ship to advance your game play
-An extensive buyback program
Ore, Ice, and Moon goo

Whats offered as an alliance member of Goonswarm Federation:
Large Fleet battles
Small gang roams
Ship Replacement Programs
A large logistical network; jump bridges, endless space filled with ratting/mining
Access to many alliance SIGs (special interest groups)

Expectations of Applicants:
-Zero Tolerance to any drama i.e. ratting, mining, anything.
-Communication is key!

If any of this appeals to you, please join our in game public channel Hombre’s Bar , corps name El Ultimo Hombre. Alpha/Omega’s, newbro’s, and bittervets welcomed!

Join our in game public channel Hombre’s Bar!

Join our in game public channel Hombre’s Bar !

Hi guys. So I have a few questions and have been trying to talk to someone in your channel for the past few days but whenever I get on no one is around.

Sorry we missed you. Our recruiters are usually active from right after downtime to 0100 eve. If anything, message myself or anyone on the recruiters list in the MOTD and someone will get right back to you.

Join our in game public channel Hombre’s Bar !

Join our in game public channel Hombre’s Bar !

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