GTATC is the Null Sec home for you

Being part of a community means , that we as hardcore gamers understand that most of us spend our waking hours online in games like eve online , We understand the kinship you seek , whether that means u wake up at 4 am cos you cant sleep?? there will be someone online for you to chat to . we are aLways here

We are part of CECA which is the part of the old CO2 of players in eve , that are PvP an PVE orintated, currently Our corp is based in the Western part of EvE in 0.0 (Pure Blind ) and our current corp goal is to grow into a PVP powerhouse, where each of us can fly a capital and defend our members with big boys !

**What we can offer you!!!

Very Chilled and friendly corp
0.0 space with the BEST Plexs
Ship Replacement scheme for pvp losses
Isk making rich environment ( home space )
Ship Replacement Program
Extremely Profitable 0.0
Be apart of a very efficient Alliance
A feeling of belonging somewhere
An abundance of DeD plexs to probe out and explore
Safe areas to PVE
Corp Capital fleet which is handed out free to members for ops
ABCM ores
SuperCap market
Fun PVP deployments
Pve fleets
Moon mining R4 upto R64


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