Gultratren Enterprise looks for company

Hi there,

Im a spanish casual player that lives in Heimatar region, with my 2 alts in, with one alt (Numerius Dives, corp Gultratren Enterprise) i do minning, missioning and thinking on getting seriously into industry, and with my other alt (Zhyzhak Ronuken, corp Gultratren Partisans) i do factional warfare alone (pvp and plexing).

Im looking for people to join me, to have fun, to play industrial and pve things or to join my fighting the amarrs :slight_smile:

I offer help if you are new, and if you arent…maybe you can use me to archieve industrial goals that you cant reach alone :slight_smile:

Feel free to send me an email to any of my chars or to talk me ingame.

Thank you.



Hi there,

Im still looking for partners for industry and for factional warfare.

Feel free to send me a chat in game or an email!!

Fly safe!

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