Gultratren Partisans (Minmatar FW spanish corp)

Hello there!

Gultratren Partisans is looking for new members to join the fray VS the amars!! We are a spanish corp.

We get our money from LPs.
We get our PvP from the FW sites.
We live in the Metrópolis region.

This is our killboard:

We also have an industrial/pve corp if you want to try another ways of the Game, “Gultratren Enterprise”.

Feel free to Contact with zhyzhak Ronuken or Númerius Dives, or to join the channel “gultratren Enrerprise” if you want to join or yo know more about us.

Fly Safe!!


We are still looking for new members!! news or veterans, members interested in pvp, Minmatar FW mainly, but we do more things.

We live in Gultratren.

Feel free to contact Zhyzhak Ronuken, Numerius Dives or Eanarion.

Fly Safe!


Our updated killboard:

We are still looking for more members, members interested in pvp, but also interested in other things like pve, industry, pi…

New players willing to learn are more than welcome, we help you with ships, fits and the mechanics of pvp and living in lowsec.

Fly safe!

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