Gumpy. [C5-Small Gang]

Grumpy. is looking for active players who interested in living in wormhole space. We accept anyone from zero experience to veterans as long as you meet our requirements below. We are mainly UZ TZ.


  • 25M SP [Main Account]
  • Useful Alt’s [Scanner,Interdictor,Logi,etc]
  • Discord w/ mic
  • ESI Check [All Characters]

We Provide:

  • Small Gang Fights [NS,LS,W-Space]
  • ISK Printing [Combat Sites,Gas Harvesting,Ore Mining,PI.etc]
  • Buy Backs
  • Active Community
  • Find A Target Your Loot
  • Pathfinder,Discord,SeAT,etc

Want to know more information? Join our discord or join our in game channel

We are still looking for more people.

Don’t be afraid to talk to us!!

We are still looking for more members!!!

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