Guns-R-Us Toy Company, low-sec industrial corporation recruiting

Guns-R-Us Toy Company is a small corporation dedicated to providing the second step in the progression path of industrial players.

Key elements of the Eve production chain are only possible or much more efficient outside of high sec but not everyone is ready to make the transition to a large nullsec alliance.

We are based in Yvangier, a low sec system in the Essence region right on the border of high sec Gallente space.

We have completed Phase 1 of our deployment and have setup an Athanor to provide:
• Access to the low sec 6% refinery efficiency bonus
• Moon mining
• Composite Reaction for T2 production

We have started working on Phase 2, with the main goal of seting up an Azebel to add the following services:
• Access to low sec 4.5% material efficiency bonus on production
• Capital ship production

Our services are open to the public for a minimal fee and free of charge for corporation members and allies.

We keep cordial relations many locally active corporations to ensure minimal disruption of our member’s industrial operations. We can’t however ensure the safety of non-members travelling to our facility. This is low sec so you need to take necessary precautions.

Contact Thanak in game if you are interested in joining or need any additional information.

We now have 45 members in corp and added a Raitaru to our Yvangier Infrastructure.
We have all the infrastructure for T2 productions and are working toward combat capital.

Our group now has close to 100 characters (with 50+ active members).

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