Gurista Inc. || Industrial C5 WH Corp supporting the Alliance's PvP unit - make a difference

Gurista Inc. is a different kind of Industrial Corp in EvE; we’re a small unit of highly skilled pilots who focus in all capital construction and industrial support for smaller PvP entities.

After our recent project has come to an end, we’re heading back into high class J-Space for a new campaign to support an elite PvP entity.

Feel like you have a purpose to our PvP counterparts.- providing fleet doctrines, capitals, ship fits, t2/t3/faction ships & plenty of ISK

Supported with corp logistics, structures, BPs, Loan Ships, Buy Back programs, free items and a large setup.
Our pilots have years experience with Indy in J-space and Null, tap into this fountain of knowledge!

If you feel like you want to have a direct influence in an alliance, not just a blob then get in contact with Clu Ogeko to find out more or join our in-game channel: Gurista Inc.

Recruitment is open to all industrial pilots.



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