Gurista Inc. C4 WH with strong industrial opportunities

Gurista Inc. is a different kind of Industrial Corp in New Eden; we’re a small unit of skilled pilots who focus in delivering industrial support to smaller PvP entities including; doctrines, citadels, capital modules, components and t2/3 supplies.

After our recent project has come to an end, we’ve moved back into our c4 - c4/c3. Here we are fulfilling orders and are opening our doors for your individual aspirations.

  • If you specialise in an industrial niche; we want you,
  • if you want to provide for the corp and get involved; we want you
  • if you want to chill with a tight knit group; we want you.

You’ll be supported with corp logistics, a strong infrastructure, BP’s, Loan Ships, Buy Back programs, corp support and large supplies.

Our home hole provides:

  • Regular Moon Mining
  • Perfect PI
  • Gas huffing
  • Exploration
  • Combat sites
  • Wormhole ISKs
  • Large Infrastructure

Our pilots have years experience in J-space and are more than happy to take on any willing and competent pilot, no matter the SP.

If you feel like you want to have a direct influence and grow the Corp’s and your own industrial power then;

Join our discord:
Join our in-game channel: Gurista Inc.
Contact: Clu Ogeko / Cloud Break / Hurley X

Recruitment is open to all industrial pilots.






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