Guristas Control Tower

I have a Guristas Control Tower sitting around collecting dust that I am tempted to sell, but I am having a hard time coming up with a price for it. The mouse over price is 1.1b but There hasn’t been one for sale on the market for a very long time and I have been checking contracts for several months off and on and have yet to see one pop up.
I get the old POS are rarely used and it’s a niche item, but I figured somebody would want it. It is currently sitting in my hanger in HS near Jita.

It’s a deprecated structure - you can keep until the time CCP finally decides to remove them from the game. As it stands right now they are nothing more than a floating “death” stick [only Turret/Missile/EW batteries/arrays works with them? :thinking:].

Or keep trying to sell if you want.

I haven’t been trying to sell it, but I did notice some GCT BPC on the market for nearly half a billion. Idk, I’d like to unload it before it’s gone from the game. They are still useful in specific circumstances I’m told.