🦈 [GWHS] Great White Hunters are recruiting players and Alliance members

Great White Hunters is a C5-5 wormhole group (all timezones) focusing on PVP and frequent organised PVE content.

If you are an individual pilot looking to make a lot of easy iskies, enjoy PVP (or want to get into it), and have a knack for scanning down signatures, join us in our hole today!.

If you are a small wormhole based corp looking for stability and security but want to maintain your independence, apply to join our alliance. We have plenty of room and facilities in our well established hole and can help you move in!

To get in touch with us, simply visit our website at feastingfrenzy.space, or mail us in game.

What we offer:

  • Plenty of PVP content.
  • Organised PVE sessions. Making isk has never been easier!
  • Mentoring.
  • Industrial facilities
  • Doctrine SRP on strategic ops (PVP without the risk!)

What we would like you to bring:

  • A sense of humour!
  • Can speak English (enough to say “there is a loki on the starboard bow!”) and be happy to jump on Teamspeak for voice comms.
  • Can fly a Nestor (or Domi) with remote repairers at a t2 level.
  • Preferably (but not required) a scanning alt.
  • Training into doctrine ships.


i dont know , i was kind think even quit game total.

i hit join join this corp …

Next that something i have never ever thing can happen.

corp map syten not work ,it need time
¨they hand picked my hc and back.

But that not all¨
then less than 2 h in corp iwash earing isk in rat fleet.

a bang isk rating in ch5 wh

juts note ch5 rat system is about 4 billion total

my firs few hour in corp…

Thanks Skeletone for your kind comments!

As mentioned, we look after our own and make sure that you’re fully set up and ready to go. Glad to have you on board!

so 25 h in corp ye tine over 1 day…

i did see a GAS field .

i say i go get gas mine ship .
members even scout me back with my venture from jita.

then i say we have a GAS site … member say wait 2 min
and then he say GAS site clear

now i have already mine GAS more than 100 mil
that thanks Corp.

and there like 500mil isk just to gas mine

happy days.

Hows u day going ?
no worries mate u are welcome
to play with us.

So next day we scanning new wormholes roads and and i jump system.

I scanned sites and wormholes and sudently noticed there is live fouks inside hole
and they rolled hole i stranded in system no road to home.

I found other hole and it did go 0.0 i managed to to travel high sec.

Corp did not atm have hc connection and multiple mates start scanning and less
than 15 minutes road home was found.

Then we did ratting in wh about 1.5h total and same isk that 15 hour ratting in noll sec.

Jus hint about one class 5 all hole sites total isk amout about 4 billion.

Today we did pvp foud many wormholes and hunt kills.
and we did today over ten kills zero losses .

btw our kb

if you like make nice isk , nice play friends and like pvp
i dont see eny reason why not join us.

Tomorrow we run our hunting pvp fleet last time

they hunt this down .

Content , content, content

3 reason why i play Eve Online.

What are You reasons?

Have a nice day and fly safe.

buenas, podria estar interesado, me gustaria saber un poco mas acerca de vosotros, ando buscando una corp/ali k se mueva por C5 para actividades de PVe y PVP

Sent in an application on your website. Hope to talk with someone soon :wink:

bumpskies! We’re growing but could definitely do with some more :slight_smile:

Join us. You know you want to!

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