HALT CRIMINAL is looking for aspiring law enforcers

Nullsec is home to all sorts of filth and somebody has to stand up to them and that somebody is you. As the newest addition to Parasitic Legion. alliance, HALT CRIMINAL follows the [-10.] tradition. Killing, bullying and being an overall nuisance to everyone around us with absolute moral superiority.

You my friend, you too can pretend that you are the good guy.

HALT CRIMINAL is a corporation based out in VOL-MI system in Curse region, we have access to many citadels both for convenience and industrial purposes in Curse region and sov space in Scalding Pass region.

What HALT CRIMINAL can offer to you?

  • Being in an active PvP alliance means you have access to PvP nearly all hours of the day.
  • Daily roams.
  • Bunch of experienced people who can answer your questions regarding game mechanics and PvP.
  • Easy access to ratting and mining space.
  • Moon mining for iskies.
  • Citadels for industry, refining and staging points.

What HALT CRIMINAL wants from you?

  • Have a minimum of 10 mil SP.
  • Open mind on performing fleet roles other than damage dealing.
  • Willing to undock for fights when you are available.
  • Having a mic and willing to use TS3 and Discord.

Ours is not a “CTA GOTTA DEFEND SOME BLUES CITADEL!!!” alliance so you are not expected to give up your free time you’d like to use for something else. You won’t be asked to spend an unreasonable time and effort on anything. Pretty much all we expect is to have more people around us to kill stuff with hence HALT CRIMINAL, a more publicly available corporation for our alliance.

Alliance timezone is all over the place but we have more active EUTZ.

Send a mail to Simo Panala in-game or join our public channel HALT for recruitment purposes. Hope to see you down in Curse.

Alliance zkill: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007753/
Alliance website: https://www.pandemiclegion.pl/

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