Happy Birthday Black Omega Security

20 years ago today Purgatory formed Black Omega Security to combat high sec pirates like m0o Corp Sinister Corp and The Red Corsairs, after being forced out of high sec due to continual intervention by Concord these “pirates” moved to Curse Space with other legitimate corporations that they had fought with and gained respect for. Black Omega Security being one of them. For 20 years on and off this corporation has maintained the same core players. So hates off to those of you whom we have fought with and against!! This has been the best gaming experience of my life. Thanks to all who were Stain Alliance, Coalition of Free Stars, Foutain Alliance. And Evolution for making us better Pvpers with your “cheating ways”!! *. Thank you CCP for giving us a sandbox to be psychopathic accountants with spread sheets.

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Happy Birthday and congrats for sticking out for those 20 years…

So… makes it stand out that you are oohhhh scary with your pilot name in Lower -Upper…doesn’t do it for us, we been that age era of rocking a flamer handle… so what you brought it to New Eden… and now it;s your Birthday?

Evolution is for those members and reroll new pilots if they had not yet done so.

I couldn’t use my original name and this was as close as I could get it.

We (Frostpacker) understand and was triggered by the psychopathic accountants with spread sheets comment.


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