Happy Thanksgiving Crime and Punishment

To the trolls, the codies, the anti gankers, the victims and the Rest of you, from my American household to you all. We give thanks for the fun and excitement granted this year and hope we all have many more to come.

Troll it, F for Respects, all in all have a happy Thanksgiving.



Thanks for all the loot everyone! Hope you all keep producing them either as a victim or a ganker. :upside_down_face:

Praise the loot turkeys!

You too brother! Merry Thanksgiving!!

A uniqually American thing of no importance to anybody but colonials!


your hate speech against those you couldn’t hold under the same flag is pretty lol

Hate speech! Calm down miner!

Don’t be hating, don’t you have some shearing you need to do?

Shearing is all done! Pity we can’t get a shearing squad together to sheer these merc sheep!

We could all meet up in marmite comms and discuss that very thing very soon if you wish

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